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Summary (what you get):

IT Services can provide supplemental technology for special events within the Colleges' community, such as public lectures, board meetings, and homecoming celebrations. Provide a detailed summary of your event and technology needs, and a technician will be in touch to assist you.

Services include:

  • Equipment will be provided and set up prior to your event.
  • If needed, a technician can show you how to use the equipment.

When you receive it:

A technician will be in touch with you within 1-2 days of submitting your request.

Equipment will be set up prior to the start of your event. Exact timing will depend on the complexity of the request (simple requests may take 10 minutes to set up, while complicated requests may take an hour or more).

Service does not include:

  • Self directed equipment loaning/returning. Requests for event support are separate from loaning equipment through the Help Desk.
  • Ongoing technician support during the event.  If you need a technician to stay and assist with the technology during your event, please explore our other services to see if a different service would meet your needs, or explain why you need ongoing support in your request.
Request Event Support


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