Faculty & Staff Phones and Voicemail

Summary (what you get)

HWS faculty and staff are provided with phones to use in their work spaces, including voicemail support.

Services include

Phone extensions are assigned to an employee when they are hired and they keep that extension for their entire tenure at HWS, even if they move offices or positions. HWS also provides voicemail functionality which can be configured to meet the needs of individuals and departments, including forwarding voicemail messages to e-mail.

When you receive it

Almost every office should already have a physical phone and extensions are sent via e-mail to employees once they are hired. Extensions are enabled on your phone when you submit a request to IT Services with the following information:

  • Your Extension -
  • Building Name -
  • Room Number -
  • Current Primary Extension -
  • (bottom right of the upper LCD panel on the phone in your new work space)

If you are moving offices, please submit the same information with your previous and new office locations.

Service does not include

  • Support for non-HWS phones or voicemail accounts
  • Connecting a private phone to an HWS phone


Request Help with a Phone or Extension

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