Get in touch with HWS phone and voicemail services.

Services (4)

Faculty & Staff Phones and Voicemail

HWS faculty and staff are provided with phones to use in their work spaces, including voicemail support.

Elevator Phones

Elevator phones are managed and maintained by Sodexo with an analog service provided by IT Services. These devices are used to communicate with Campus Safety in the event of a need by a user of the elevator. IT Services provides an analog service to the elevators.

Emergency Assistance Stations

Emergency Assistance Stations are positioned across campus with a red HELP button and, in most cases, a blue light. These devices are both free standing and mounted on buildings. By pressing the red HELP button you will be automatically connected to Campus Safety's Emergency Line so they can provide assistance for any emergency needs.

Emergency Phone Call Recording

The RevCord system records emergency phone calls for Campus Safety. All calls incoming in and outgoing, including radio transmissions, are recorded for liability and training purposes.