Athletics or Security Camera Support

Note: This service covers only cameras installed by IT Services in connection with projects for Athletics, Campus Safety, or the Library. All other camera requests must go through Campus Life.

Summary (what you get):

Support assistance with all issues regarding installed and programmed cameras for the use of HWS entities including but not limited to Athletics, Campus Safety, and the Library along with potential support for the managing system(s) based on service level agreements (SLAs).

Services include:

  • Tailored help with HWS cameras installed by IT Services for departments
  • Support for HWS cameras either no longer working or malfunctioning

Service does not include:

This does not include support for classroom, smartphone, or personal cameras, or any camera not installed by IT Services.

Related information:

For specific support information, please refer to the SLAs created as part of the installation project and distributed by IT Services at the end of the project.

Where/how to request this service:

Please request this service by using the request button at the upper right of this page.

Request Athletics or Security Camera Support


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