Student Chat, Video, and Web Conferencing Platforms

Students have different tools at their disposal for chat, video, and web conferencing needs. Students supporting campus needs either as student employees or in academic support roles can use Canvas, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. We recommend to use Zoom for events, which will require a full-time staff or faculty member to either schedule the meeting or request a student have the ability to do so through the web conferencing form.

It is important when scheduling any meeting or event to utilize best practices to ensure security and safety for all are involved. For Zoom, there are recommended settings and considerations for ensuring your Zoom meetings are secure.

If at any time during a meeting you encounter issues please report them to the faculty member, supervisor, or the Dean’s office.

Student Groups


  • Meetings of three or more people are limited to 40 minutes

  • Easier to create a recurring or standing meeting for on-going use

  • Easier to add new people to a meeting

Microsoft Teams

  • Can have a meeting more than 40 minutes

  • Requires a group chat or an e-mail client to set up a group video meeting

  • Can be a little harder to add new people into a meeting

Student Employees

Student employees can use Canvas, Zoom or Microsoft Teams to schedule meetings or chat asynchronously. Alternatively, supervising faculty or staff can schedule a Zoom meeting and assign a student employee as co-host. Assigning a student as co-host will require the staff or faculty member to start the Zoom meeting prior to assigning the student as a co-host.

Student Course Support Roles (ex. teaching fellows, writing colleagues, etc.)

Student employees who are exploring options to support a course should discuss their options with supervising faculty or staff.  Supervising faculty or staff can request an appointment with the Digital Learning Team so that we can learn more about the learning goals and collaborate to identify the appropriate solution.


Need additional help? Contact the HWS IT Services Digital Learning Team.

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