Student Zoom Best Practices

Students supporting campus needs either as student employees or in academic support roles will need to use their Zoom account to conduct meetings and co-host events.

It is important when scheduling any meeting or event to utilize best practices to ensure security and safety for all involved. There are recommended settings and considerations for ensuring your Zoom meetings are secure. If at any time during a meeting you encounter issues please report them to the Faculty member, Supervisor, or the Dean's office.

Student Groups

Student groups hosting meetings or events can be done through an individual person's Zoom account; either a student leader or the Staff or Faculty sponsor.


Student Employees

Student employees can use their Zoom accounts to schedule events or meetings. Alternatively, staff can schedule the meeting or event and assign a student employee as co-host.


Student Academic Support

Students providing academic support to their peers can use Zoom to connect with the students in the courses they are supporting. It is recommended Faculty add any student providing support to a class to the Canvas course site as a TA.  Adding the student to the Canvas site as a TA will provide them with the following functionalities:

  • Ability to message individual students enrolled in the course
  • Ability to post announcements to the class
  • Ability to create and participate in the discussion tool
  • Ability to create modules or pages

Faculty and the student(s) providing academic support should have a conversation about expectations and process.

The students providing the academic support will need to use their Zoom account when providing remote support for a course. Below are different recommendations based on common support models.

General Best Practices

  • Change the topic of My Meeting to something that you and the students in the class will recognize. For example, ARTS150 WC Hours or MDSC220 Exam Help.
  • Make sure the Meeting ID is generating automatically.
  • Do Not use your personal meeting ID for these meetings.

Do not share invites or URLs to a Zoom meeting on any social media site.

Open Office Hours for a course

Individual or Group help

  • Schedule these sessions as needed.
  • Use email or the Canvas messaging function to only send the invitation to the students attending.

Class meetings or other meetings related to classes may be recorded and made available in a restricted manner to students currently registered for the class; if recording a meeting, the host should communicate this to the participating students. Participating students may not record lectures or classes without permission from the person leading the meeting (and guest speakers, when applicable); participating students who require recordings to support learning needs should contact the Disability Services Coordinator at the Center for Teaching and Learning for individualized accommodations.  When permission is granted, students may keep recordings only for personal use only. Recordings may not be reproduced, shared with those not in the class, or uploaded to other online platforms.  In the event that recordings need to be shared beyond the class, they must request consent of students identifiable in the recordings prior to dissemination.


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