Adding Users into your User Managed Course

In the case that you have had a User Managed Course created for you, you will need to add the users into your course through Canvas.  Prior to this step you will need to find the users' email,  by either using the Global Address List or Canvas.  Then you will add the users through Canvas.

To Add Users to Your User Managed Course:

1. Navigate to and log in with your credentials

2. Once logged in, go to the Courses section and select the course

3. Click on the People icon

4. On the right upper side of your screen, click on +People

5.  From here you can add users using their e-mail address, login ID or SIS ID.  Be sure to verify what role you would like your users to have.  Click Next.

NoteWhen adding multiple users, use a comma or a line break to separate users.  

6.  The last screen will alert you that the users are ready to be added to the course.  Click Add Users.


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