What spaces on campus are available to use for a Zoom meeting?

If you are joining or hosting a meeting individually you can meet anywhere, including your office. If you do not have a webcam one can be checked out at the IT Services Help Desk: helpdesk@hws.edu or 315-781-4357.

If you are joining or hosting a meeting with a group of people in one room there are spaces on campus already set up. To book any of the spaces below use the Registrar's Office Event Registration System (R25).

  • Smith 002
  • Lib 326
  • Gulick 223
  • Coxe 008 (camera in the room but not pre-setup)

Spaces on campus that are conducive to a Zoom meeting but require a webcam to be set up are:

  • Lib 226
  • Sandford
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