Connecting to HWS-Private [macOS]

Use these instructions to connect your MacOS device to the HWS-Private wireless network. You will need your HWS credentials to connect to the HWS-Private network.

Connect your Device to HWS-Private

1. In the top right corner of the screen, click the Wi-Fi icon

2. Click HWS Private

3. Click connect to HWS-Private

4. Enter your HWS username and password


5. At the prompt to verify the certificate, click Continue


6. Enter your your computer's username and password


Note: If this is an HWS machine, it will be the same as your HWS credentials. If this is a personal machine, it will be your personal username and password that you use to log on to the computer.

Your computer is now configured.

Need additional help? Contact the HWS IT Services Help Desk.

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