Viewing Student Learning Feedback Form (SLFF) Results on EvaluationKit

At the end of every semester, on the date selected by the Office of Faculty & Academic Affairs after the feedback window has ended, faculty will be able to download Student Learning Feedback Form (SLFF) results by logging in to Evaluation Kit. These results can be downloaded and saved as a PDF for inclusion in tenure and promotion materials or personal portfolios.

How to view your SLFF reports

1. Go to the EvaluationKit website and log in with your HWS credentials.

2. At the top of the screen, click Results.

3. Click Project Results.  





4. Click the name of the current semester’s project (it will be called Fall/Spring 20XX, depending on the semester and year).

5. To the right of the row with the desired course code and title, click the download icon. 






6. Click the name of the desired PDF report format: Detailed Report + Comments are aggregated by question while Response Report is aggregated by respondent.







7. The PDF will download to your computer.

8. Repeat for each course.


Need additional help? Contact the HWS IT Services Digital Learning Team.

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