Emergency Assistance Stations

Summary (what you get)

Emergency Assistance Stations are positioned across campus with a red HELP button and, in most cases, a blue light. These devices are both free standing and mounted on buildings. By pressing the red HELP button you will be automatically connected to Campus Safety's Emergency Line so they can provide assistance for any emergency needs.

If you are not with Campus Safety:

If you are not with Campus Safety and you have discovered that an emergency device is not working, please contact campus safety at 315-781-3000. Campus Safety will require the listed information below to confirm and escalate your discovery if need be:

  • NAME
  • DEVICE ID* (Located on a blue or yellow sticker on the face of the device).

*If the device ID is missing, please refer to the picture of a map below for the appropriate ID.

If you are a member of Campus Safety:

If you are a member of Campus Safety, please submit a ticket by clicking HERE or use the button at upper right on this page. You will need the information listed below to complete your request for help. Once all the appropriate information is collected, your case will be escalated to the team responsible for these devices. If the required information is not correct, your request may take longer to complete the work needed to bring the emergency device back online.

  • REQUESTER: Chris Beattie
  • TITLE: <A brief description of the current case>
  • EBLOR ECB NUMBER: <The ID from the sticker on the device or the map below>
  • EMERGENCY PHONE LOCATION: <Very brief location description. Can be as short as one word identifying the building it resides on such as Medbery.>
  • DATE/TIME IT LAST WORKED: <Answer if known, otherwise leave it blank>
  • DESCRIPTION: <Any details you want to leave which may help resolve your request sooner>


Emergency Station Help


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