Trouble Accessing SpectrumU: Common Fixes

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Are you having trouble setting up or using SpectrumU? Here are the most common issues and their resolutions.

General SpectrumU Trouble

If you are experiencing any issues at all...

Uninstall the SpectrumU app or channel, restart your device, then reinstall SpectrumU.  This resolves many issues.  If this does not resolve your issue, please continue below.

Trouble accessing SpectrumU

Why is my programming limited?

Most locations you would think of intuitively as "on-campus" would allow you to access the full SpectrumU programming...however, if you are not connected to HWS-Public or HWS-Private SpectrumU would have limited programming.

SpectrumU will not launch!

Make sure you are connected to HWS-Public or HWS-Private. You also should have had to enter the HWS e-mail domain (, which should direct you to the HWS log in portal. Once there, you can sign in using your HWS username and password. Roku and AppleTV users will need to enter the displayed activation code in order to be directed to the HWS log in portal.

If you are connected to HWS-Public or HWS-Private and you get an error when you launch SpectrumU, uninstall the Spectrum application on the device and reinstall it.

Why am I being prompted to enter a username and password outside of the HWS log in portal?

For iOS or Android devices: You may have downloaded the SpectrumTV app, which asks for a username and password. You need to download the SpectrumU app, which will ask you for the HWS e-mail domain ( first, then will allow you to log in to the HWS log in portal.

For Roku/AppleTV devices: Make sure your Roku/AppleTV is connected to HWS-Private/HWS-Public WiFi, or connected with an Ethernet cable on campus. Once connected, the device will display an activation code that will be used for authentication.

If accessing via web browser: Below the username and password boxes, you should see a link that says "University student? Go to SpectrumU." If there is no link present, be sure you are connected to HWS-Private/HWS-Public WiFi, or connected with an Ethernet cable on campus.

If you are still having trouble accessing SpectrumU, contact IT Services.

Trouble finding content in SpectrumU

Why can't I find my favorite channel/program?

Are you connected to HWS-Private/HWS-Public WiFi or an on-campus Ethernet cable? If not, you will not see local channels in the program guide. If you are connected to HWS-Private/HWS-Public WiFi or an on-campus Ethernet cable, the channel/program you are looking for may not be a part of our program package. If you believe this is an error, contact IT Services.

The shows I am trying to watch are not loading quickly or at all!

This could indicate an issue with your network connection. Please see additional articles for troubleshooting network issues.

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