File Storage

Summary (what you get)

HWS provides multiple ways for students, faculty, and staff to store and collaborate on files.

Services Included

  • Box: A secure, self-managed, collaborative space for sharing files, communicating on discussion boards, and to jointly view and edit documents.
  • Microsoft OneDrive: A secure, cloud based file storage solution for collaboratively sharing files and synchronously editing documents
  • M: drive: This folder is typically used to store personal files for faculty, staff, and students. To directly access this folder, users can direct their file manager to \\fsrv\username$.
  • N: drive: Folders located in this location on the file server contain many subfolders for course, department, and work group file sharing. To directly access this folder, users can direct the file manager to \\fsrv\pccommon.

Choosing between Box and HWS File Server Shared Folders

M drive and N drive
Accessible by non-HWS users
No; HWS account required to access files
Internet-based Storage
No; requires HWS network access or VPN
Mapped to your computer
Box Drive allows for access via Windows Explorer or Finder.
Personal folder access is automatically mapped to your computer
Folder(s) can be mapped to a drive letter (Windows) or mounted (OSX)
Restoring Versions
Yes; every saved version of a file can be restored
Previous versions can be restored if the changes were autosaved rather than manually saved
Files can be restored from latest scheduled snapshot (7 a.m., noon, 5 p.m., etc.), so recent changes can be lost or overwritten
Access Control
Users can make changes to file/folder access options.
Users and IT Services can make changes to file/folder access options.
Only IT Services can make changes to file/folder access options. Changes must be requested via service request to the Help Desk.

When Customer Receives It

All HWS users have access to all of the above services using their HWS credentials.

Request Shared Folder Support

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