Articles (16)

Best Practices for Secure Zoom Meetings

Recommendations and settings to keep Zoom meetings secure.

Choosing and Troubleshooting Video in a Zoom Meeting

Troubleshooting guides to help get your video working.

Downloading Zoom Recordings

How to download Zoom recordings from a browser.

Enabling Real-time Captions and Transcription in Zoom

How to enable live captions and transcriptions for Zoom meetings.

Getting Started with Zoom

Collection of how-to guides for getting started with Zoom and web-conferencing

How do I invite others to join a Zoom meeting?

How-To Guide for inviting people to a Zoom meeting.

How do I join a Zoom meeting?

How-to guide for joining a Zoom meeting

How do I Share What is on my Screen in a Zoom Meeting

How-To guide for screen sharing during a Zoom meeting.

Installing and Using a Document Camera

Instructions for downloading and installing Visualizer software for a document camera.

Managing Multiple Participants in Zoom Waiting Room

Instructions for using the Admit All feature in Zoom Waiting Rooms.

Preparing for Your First Zoom Meeting

A set of best practices for any user trying Zoom for the first time.

Sending a Zoom Meeting Invitation

Options and steps to send a Zoom meeting invitation to participants.

Setting up a Zoom Meeting

How-To guides for the different ways to schedule a Zoom meeting.

Student Zoom Best Practices

Best practices for students using Zoom in their work for student groups, academic support, and as student employees.

What spaces on campus are available to use for a Zoom meeting?

If you are joining or hosting a meeting individually you can meet anywhere, including your office. Find out what other spaces on campus already equipped for Zoom meetings.