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Are there any areas on campus where there isn’t coverage, or where the signals will be weak?

Common outdoor areas (e.g. quads, the Hill) will be covered by wireless. The far edges of campus, leading into the Geneva community will have decreasing access the further you are from HWS, depending on the antenna in your device.

How fast is the wireless network?

The wireless network connection speed is 450 Mbps.

I use a desktop computer. Do I need to follow the wireless instructions?

You can if you like, but it’s not necessary. Your desktop is connected with an Ethernet cable, which is the best way to connect stationary devices to the network.

Information about our Wireless Network

General information about the wireless network.

Is there anything I can’t do on the wireless network that I can do on the wired network?

HWS-Private offers the same set of services as plugging into the network in academic buildings. For high-bandwidth or delay-sensitive activities (such as transferring large files or video streaming), you should plug in if possible. HWS-Public only provides a connection to the public Internet.

Should I bring my own wireless router to campus or use a personal wireless access point?

Information on why you do not need to bring a wireless router or personal access point to campus

What areas does the wireless network cover?

The wireless network covers all areas of every campus building and many outdoor areas (e.g. patios, quads, and athletic areas). All residences, including student rooms and lounges, have access to the wireless network.

What Operating Systems can Connect to the Wireless Network?

If your operating system, wireless card, and wireless card drivers support 802.11a/b/g/n and WPA2 Enterprise, your device can connect to the network.

Will I be required to use only wireless to connect to the Internet?

No, Ethernet jack locations remain unchanged and are available throughout campus.

Wireless: Definition of Terms

Definition of common terms used when troubleshooting wireless.