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Remote Learning Resources for Students

Resources to help students with continuing classes online

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Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Apps

Adobe has provided temporary at-home access for impacted students and faculty to allow for everyone to be able to work remotely. Please follow the instructions below to enable access to Creative Cloud Desktop Apps on your personal device.

Best Practices for Secure Zoom Meetings

Recommendations and settings to keep Zoom meetings secure.

Canvas Site Design Help

Canvas course design help

Embedding and Sharing Videos in Canvas

Using Box to deliver video content through Canvas is a great way to ensure that students have access to the content in an easy and accessible way.

How do I Share what is on my Screen in a Zoom Meeting

How-To guide for screen sharing during a Zoom meeting.

How to Use a Document Camera with Zoom

Instructions for downloading and installing Visualizer software for a document camera.

Online Assessment Considerations and Best Practices

Considerations and best practices for conducting assessments online.

Preparing for Your First Zoom Meeting

A set of best practices for any user trying Zoom for the first time.

Setting up a Zoom Meeting

How-To guides for the different ways to schedule a Zoom meeting.

Technology Tips for Incorporating Remote Students in Face-to-Face (F2F) Class

Some general considerations and resources that faculty can use to help navigate teaching in a hyflex or hybrid classroom where some learners are physically present while others are remotely taking the course.

Tools for Online Teaching

Video guides for the most frequently used tools for online instruction, including Zoom and Canvas.

Tools for Recording Lectures, Presentations, and other Content

There are a number of options for recording materials that you are looking to share with students online, we recommend Zoom. Based on the technology available to you, and your level of comfort with some programs, you may have multiple options that will work for your particular scenario.

Top Tips for Teaching Remotely

Do you need to teach your students remotely and have little or no notice to plan to do so?