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Information about all distribution and LISTSERV discussion lists.

Can I post to an E-mail List if I am Not a Member?

Information on sending to Listservs and distribution lists if you are not a member

Do I need to subscribe to these LISTSERV discussion lists (forum)?

Everyone will automatically be subscribed to the appropriate LISTSERV discussion lists (forums)

How do I begin a LISTSERV discussion?

How to start a discussion on a ListServ

How do I subscribe to an e-mail distribution list?

subscribing to e-mail distribution lists

How do I unsubscribe from a LISTSERV discussion list?

Directions for unsubscribing from a Listserv.

If I am a member of more than one LISTSERV discussion list (forum) or e-mail distribution list, will I get two copies of messages that are sent?

How to avoid getting multiple copies if messages are posted to multiple LISTSERV discussion lists.

What if I only want to reply to the sender on a LISTSERV discussion list message?

If you select "Reply" when replying to a message, it will only go to the sender of the original message.

What if I want to send a response to the entire membership of a LISTSERV discussion list message?

If you select "Reply All" when replying to a message, it will go to the entire LISTSERV discussion list membership.

What is the role of the LISTSERV "owner"?

Description of the ListServ "owner"