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I don’t see any WiFi networks listed, what should I do?

Troubleshooting your computer not finding any wireless networks.

My wireless signal is sometimes weak or absent

Troubleshooting a weak or missing wireless signal

The lights are dark on the wireless access point, does this mean the access point is broken?

The wireless access points in residence areas are configured to run with the lights off in order to not disturb residents. The access points are functioning normally

What are the differences between using HWS-Private vs. HWS-Public? Are there advantages to one?

HWS-Private is intended to provide users with HWS credentials more bandwidth, enhanced security and encryption, and access to all of the services on the HWS network.HWS-Public is primarily for visitors and guests to campus who need access to the Internet.

Why do some TVs and video game units allow connectivity to HWS-Private while others do not?

Different manufacturers use different configurations of hardware and software that may or may not support secure wireless authentication.

Why does my internet access timeout when idle on HWS-Public?

This network is intended for temporary visitor access.

Why is my device automatically joining HWS-Public after I've configured and connected to HWS-Private?

If your device is set to remember previously joined wireless networks, it may join to HWS-Public before HWS-Private

Why isn't my iOS device connecting to HWS-Private, when it has in the past?

If you have been connected to HWS-Private in the past, you may need to remove the HWS-Private Profile.